Donna Grebo

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My artistic intent is as eclectic as it is erratic. I flit from one idea to the other and from one medium to another, with the attention span of a crane fly! and often my ideas are just as short lived as the poor crane fly.

I paint, mosaic and write and my enthusiasm and attention to each of these things varies, according to my moods and the distractions in my life.

The glue that binds my work together is desire, colour and humour. The desire to create is always inherent and bubbling in my brain and the need to see, feel and create with colour is ever present in my ideas and my completed works. I don’t take life too seriously and my art reflects this, I don’t intend any political or moral message in my work, I simply attempt to create beautiful images and stories that might make the viewer feel good and perhaps create a smile in what sometimes appears to be a rather humourless world.



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